WikiReactive Infrastructure

WikiReactive is an open architecture to incrementally compute and maintain several aggregated measures on Wikipedia. The current version of WikiReactive covers


You can access the free WikiReactive database here (Username wikireactive and Password user2010).

Data Queries

It is possible to send data requests using URLs. See here for some example queries.

Web Services

This aggregated data is also available as a web service, see some examples here. This page is tested with Mozilla Firefox version 3.5.8.

It can also be overlaid on Wikipedia articles through Wikipedia Skins. Click here for an example of such an article.


N. Boukhelifa, F. Chevalier and J.D. Fekete Real-time Aggregation of Wikipedia Data for Visual Analytics. In Proceedings of Visual Analytics Science and Technology. VAST '10. 147-154. 2010.

See also the related work on Wikipediaviz


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