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Inria in a few words

Inria is a public science and technology institution established in 1967, and the only public research body fully dedicated to computational sciences in France. Combining computer sciences with mathematics, Inria’s 3,400 researchers strive to invent the digital technologies of the future with 8 research Centres based in: Bordeaux, Grenoble, Lille, Nancy, Paris, Rennes, Saclay and Sophia-Antipolis. More information

General Requirements

Non-French people are encouraged to apply whether they speak French or not. A good level of English is required, especially written English. In general, we look for people who are curious, creative and have good analytical and programming skills.

PhD Topic

Datavisualisation interactive flexible de données financières publiques

Published on July 2021 -- advised by Jean-Daniel Fekete at Aviz and Christophe Bortolaso and Stephanie Rey at Berger-Levrault

Sujet de thèse détaillé La thèse consistera à moderniser la gestion du budget pour les collectivités françaises en utilisant de la visualisation interactive et du machine learning. Elle devra permettre à tous les intervenants de pouvoir avoir leur vision du budget et de pouvoir le comprendre et intervenir à leur niveau. Trois points importants seront mis en avant :

  • La projection de l’exécution du budget dans le temps réalisé grâce à des techniques de Machine Learning, en particulier pour ajuster les besoins pluriannuels et suivre la réalisation du budget en levant des alertes le cas échéant si sa réalisation prend du retard
  • La mise en évidence de la « part verte » du budget (achat de voitures électriques, isolation des bâtiments, gestion des ilots de chaleurs). Les collectivités doivent montrer activement en quoi elles s'engagent dans les investissements renouvelables cependant cet aspect est difficile à mettre en avant aujourd'hui. C'est une nouvelle facette de la comptabilité.
  • La communication et la transparence pour le citoyen. Le citoyen doit pouvoir comprendre la politique de la ville à travers des visualisations de son budget qui concrétise les priorités effectives.

La thèse s'appuiera sur des travaux déjà initiés en particulier à l'université du Maryland avec la notion de hiérarchies flexibles [1] et TreeVersity [2].

PhD Students

You can apply as a PhD student under the supervision or co-supervision of any of the research scientists at Aviz (list here). The topic of your PhD should be discussed with the researcher you are interested in working with. With your future advisor you can the apply for funding from several sources, such as:

Both are highly competitive. For more information, contact Jean-Daniel Fekete or Tobias Isenberg. Definitely contact your potential (co-)supervisor before you attempt any application.

It is recommended (but not necessary nor sufficient) to do a Master internship at Aviz before applying.

Call for PhD applications

none at the moment * A Design Space for Visual Data Mapping for Low-Color Displays * Micro Visualizations for Fitness Trackers and Smartwatches * Support of the Interactive Visual Exploration and Classification of Temporal Development in 3D Datasets using the Example of Cell Division Data - PhD Position * * Visual Analysis of the Bitcoin Blockchain - PhD Position none right now * Spatially Integrated Abstraction of Genetic Molecules

Possible other topics (no funding guaranteed)

* * Augmented Reality Environments for the Interactive Exploration of 3D Data * Collaborative Data Exploration and Discussion supported by Augmented Reality

  • any specific innovative topic that can be suggested by the potential PhD student if there is a strong mutual interest

* Interactive 3D Data Registration for Proton Therapy using Touch-Based Interfaces * Investigating the Visualization and Exploration of Fluid Mechanics Data using Tactile Surfaces and Tangible Objects * Illustrative Molecular Abstraction & Visualization * Structural and Functional Visualization of Brain Connectivity * An Interactive Visualization Continuum: Interactive Abstraction & Exploration of 3D Data

Information for students from abroad

Graduate Level Internships

Aviz often has funding for a few internships. In France, summer is not the best time for an internship but summer internships are nonetheless possible if they are arranged long enough in advance. Each of our proposed topics can lead to a 3-year PhD thesis on a related or non-related topic, depending on available funding and the candidate's quality (see below for more details on PhD positions).

List of possible internship topics for 2021/2022:

* Collaborative 3D Volumetric Selection Techniques in Augmented Reality: supervised by Mickaël Sereno and Tobias Isenberg * Testing Visualizations in a Browser: supervised by Jean-Daniel Fekete * Visualization in Motion: supervised by Petra Isenberg * Microvisualizations for e-ink displays: supervised by Petra Isenberg * Personal traces: supervised by Pierre Dragicevic

* Visual Sensitivity Analysis for Ensembles of Curves: supervised by Jean-Daniel Fekete * Grammar of Progressive Graphics: supervised by Jean-Daniel Fekete * Interactive 3D Visualization and Exploration of Plant Embryo Development Histories: supervised by Tobias Isenberg * Interactive Illustrative Map Visualization: supervised by Tobias Isenberg Tangible Interaction for 3D Flow Data Visualization: supervised by Lonni Besançon and Tobias Isenberg Visualization and Interactive Analysis of Collision Tracts: supervised by Tobias Isenberg * Visual Analysis of the Bitcoin Transaction Network: supervised by Petra Isenberg and Christoph Kinkeldey * Perception of Data Visualizations Across Devices: supervised by Petra Isenberg * Understanding Dual Axis Charts: supervised by Petra Isenberg * Embedded Visualizations for Personal Finance: supervised by Petra Isenberg

Interactive 3D Data Registration for Proton Therapy using Touch-Based Interfaces: supervised by Tobias Isenberg

The currently proposed topics can be found here.

Post-Doc / Engineers

Progressive Visualization for Health Care in collaboration with Polytechnique and the French Social Security CNAM.

Other Opportunities

INRIA also has scholarhips for Post-Docs and Research Engineers on other topics. If you are interested in working at Aviz for a PostDoc please contact Jean-Daniel Fekete or Tobias Isenberg to discuss options and what you would like to work on.

Research Scientists (permanent positions)

You can apply at Aviz as a Research Scientist every year between mid-December and mid-February, for a position starting the next September. INRIA Research Scientists hold a permanent (tenured) position. Your application will be examined by an independent scientific committee at INRIA. Positions are highly competitive and non-French applicants are encouraged. For more information, check out Working as a researcher at Inria and Young graduate scientists, and contact Jean-Daniel Fekete.