How to take the RER B towards the Aviz Offices

I come from Charles de Gaulle Airport

  • Follow the signs "Train to Paris"
  • Approach one of the green ticket machines
  • Continue below with "Buying the Right Ticket"

I come from Gare du Nord

  • Walk in the direction of signs saying "RER" (regional train), you need to take the RER B (blue color).
  • Approach one of the green ticket machines (don't take the yellow ticket machines, they are for other trains) - see picture above for an example of a green ticket machine.
  • Continue below with "Buying the Right Ticket"

I come from Inside Paris Somewhere

  • Buy your ticket to your final destination (Le Guichet or Massy Palaiseau, see previous page) and then make your way to the closest stop of the RER B. You can take the same ticket on the metro and the RER - that means you can buy this ticket at your metro stop already if you don't live next to the RER B line.
  • Continue below with "Buying the Right Ticket"

Buying the Right Ticket

  • Buy a ticket by first selecting "Ile de France" and then "Le Guichet" or "Massy Palaiseau" as the final station depending on where you want to get off. Plan around 4,50€ from inside Paris and around 13€ from CDG airport.
  • Now that you have your ticket you can continue your way to the RER B platform.
  • The direction for your train is "St Remy Les Chevreuse" - the RER B actually has several end destinations. Make sure that "St Remy Les Chevreuse" or "Orsay" is written as the final stop on the notice boards. If you go to "Massy Palaiseau" this is also a final stop you can sometimes see and in this case it's safe to get on this train as well. Do NOT get on a train that is heading towards "Robinson".
    • Example: This screen shows 6 upcoming trains of the RER B:
    • The first one ends too early if you want to go to Le Guichet (Massy Palaiseau comes before), the second and third go to Robinson (somewhere else) and the three last ones are all ones you can take theoretically take if you want to get off at Le Guichet (see the following warning).
    • Another Warning: Trains do not always stop at Le Guichet because it is a very small station. You need to look closely at the signs at the station when you leave and follow the names of the stops listed. Sometimes there are TV screens that scroll the names of the stations, sometimes there are boards where lights are lit to indicate which stations the train will stop at. The trains always stop in Massy Palaiseau and Orsay Ville, so should you be going there -- no need to worry.
  • Next, get on the train and get off at Le Guichet, Massy Palaiseau or whereever you were told to get off

Map of the RER B stops

Remember: once at Le Guichet, Orsay-Ville or Massy-Palaiseau you still have to take a bus to go to our lab. See explanations here.