Class Schedule

24 September
Lecture 1. Intro to Visual Analytics (P. Isenberg) - slides (pdf)
Lecture 2. Data Collection + Data and Ethics (W. Willett) - slides (pdf)
Tutorial - Data Collection (Willett & Isenberg)

1 October
Lecture 3. Data Cleaning / Wrangling (W. Willett) - slides (pdf)
Tutorial - Data Cleaning (Willett)
Lecture 4. Introduction to Statistics (P. Dragicevic) - slides (pdf)
Tutorial - Basic Stats with R (P. Dragicevic)

8 October
Lecture 5. Sensemaking & Analysis Processes (P. Isenberg) - slides(pdf)
Lecture 6. Analysis Tools (J.D. Fekete) - slides(pdf)
Tutorial - Tableau (W. Willett)
Tutorial - Jigsaw (N. Boukhelifa) - slides(pdf)

15 October
Lecture 7. Analysis at Scale (W. Willett) slides(pdf)
Lecture 8. Application Areas (P. Isenberg) slides(pdf)
Tutorial - Preparing a final report (Willett/Isenberg)

Paris Sud - December 8-19th
For all details in regards to this part of the class, please visit the course website for the Information Visualization Course