Noise of chaos

The principle of this work is to display statistical information as rhythm. Each square in the visualization represents a fact or a series of facts (e. g. a heartbeat). Squares blink in real-time according to the natural occurring rhythm of the fact they represent. Squares are positioned and sized subjectively in the display. By inverting the synthetic process of visualisation, the author questions the relation between noise and information in our contemporary world. Different type of statistical data are used in this program: * Average of birth and death in the world

  • Average of a human heart pulse
  • The number of Barbies dolls sold during a year
  • The number of liters sold by Coca Cola
  • The number of Big Mac sold during a year * The number of child starved to death
  • The number of child become obese
  • Military budget expenditure
  • Education budget expenditure

The piece has been previously shown: in Paris Atelier Gustave 2008 in Montreal Eastern Bloc 2009

Publication / exhibition

Samuel Huron. Noise of ... IEEE VIS 2011 Arts Program proceedings. IEEE VIS 2011, Oct 2011, Providence, United States. IEEE

The piece has been shown:

  • in Paris/France Atelier Gustave, during art exhibit, 2008
  • in Montreal/Canada Eastern Bloc, during art exhibit, 2009
  • in Providence/USA VisWeek art show, during scientific conference, 2011



Petra Isenberg, Robin Kobrinsky