DREAM European project : Optimisation of food models

Participant : Evelyne Lutton.

In collaboration with Alberto Tonda and Romain Reuillon, ISC-PIF

The overall goal of DREAM (Design and development of REAlistic food Models with well-characterised micro- and macro-structure and composition) is to develop realistic, physical and mathematical models to be used as standards that can be exploited across all major food categories to facilitate development of common approaches to risk assessment and nutritional quality for food research and industry.

The partnership involves 18 partners from 9 european countries, among which two multinationals. The project is lead by INRA, CEPIA department, and INRIA participation is managed by delegation by the ISC-PIF (CNRS-CREA, UMR 7656).

Our contribution to this project is focussed on the evolutionary optimisation of Bayesian Networks models, on the development of efficient cooperative-co-evolution schemes to solve some food modeling problems (milk gel, cheese ripening), and on the efficient visualisation of output data of these algorithms.


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