Attention Seeking Public Information Display

Description the Project

Public information displays using information visualization techniques are becoming increasingly widespread - but often remain static and important information can be easily missed. The goal of the project is to design a public information display that seeks the attention of passers-by and highlights important information to them. The student should first conduct a literature research on attention-seeking techniques in the areas of advertisement and the related work in the HCI domain (e.g. proxemics and context-aware interfaces), and then apply those techniques to individual types of data representations. The outcome should be a testable/demoable public information display.

Technical details

We will use a large display and kinect sensors for this project.


The student should:

  • Be familiar with conducting literature research
  • Be familiar with coding on Windows (e.g. C#)
  • Ideally have a background in design and computer science


The project will be supervisd by Petra Isenberg and communication about this project will be in English