If you are not French, see this page for general advice.

Finding housing in/around Paris

There are several options for housing.

  • One is to use the student/postdoc/visiting researcher facilities at the Cité Universitaire Internationale: http://www.ciup.fr/en/. The Cité Universitaire Internationale is by far the most convenient location to stay: it's inside Paris, yet not too far from the lab. However, they are often full.
  • The CROUS also provides rooms for students but it seems restricted in several ways for students and the site is in French:
  • Our university has facilities for collaborating researchers coming for a short time: Fill-out their form and they'll send you a list of possible places to stay: http://www.science-accueil.org/uk/. Contact your host once you found something interesting and they can help you find out if the deal is really a good one or not. Many of the apartments proposed are outside Paris but may be closer to the lab and larger.
  • You may want to look at ads and directly contact renters, for example at De Particulier à Particulier. However, apartments in Paris are scarce and expensive (or very small), most renters don't speak English, and they almost all ask for tons of administrative documents that you may not be able to provide. This is in contrast with renters registered at science accueil (above) who are used to deal with foreign students and researchers.
  • Finally, be careful with general websites like craigslist etc. There are a lot of fake offers on them (housing way too cheap, way too big for the price etc.).

Newcomer's FAQ

We have lots of extra information for you in our newcomer's FAQ. Ask us once in Aviz.