HCI 2016 @ Ecole Centrale

Lecture Plan and Slides

The backup page with all lecture slides can be found here: http://petra.isenberg.cc/wiki/pmwiki.php?n=Teaching.HCI2015

Tuesday 02 February 201614h00 - 15h30Lecture: Introduction to HCI
Tuesday 02 February 201615h45 - 17h15Tutorial: Group formation, project brainstorming
Tuesday 01 March 201614h00 - 15h30Lecture: User Requirements Analysis Δ
Tuesday 01 March 201615h45 - 17h15Tutorial: Project Brainstorming
Thursday 03 March 201608h00 - 09h30Lecture: Sketching and Storyboards Δ
Thursday 03 March 201609h45 - 11h15Tutorial: Sketching and Storyboards
Thursday 03 March 201614h00 - 15h30Lecture: Prototyping
Thursday 03 March 201615h45 - 17h15Tutorial: Prototyping
Monday 07 March 201614h00 - 15h30Lecture: Interaction Design
Monday 07 March 201615h45 - 17h15Tutorial: Development of low-fidelity prototype
Tuesday 08 March 201614h00 - 15h30Lecture: Usability Evaluation
Tuesday 08 March 201615h45 - 17h15Tutorial: Development of low-fidelity prototype, Heuristic Evaluation Worksheet
Monday 14 March 201614h00 - 15h30Lecture: Information Visualization
Monday 14 March 201615h45 - 17h15Tutorial: Demos of low-fidelity prototypes

The exam will take place on the 23rd of March from 8am - 11am in S112-S116