SEVEN: An Inria and Calgary Associated Team on Situated and Embedded Visualization ENvironments

The goal of this joint work between the Aviz team at Inria Saclay and the ILab at the University of Calgary is to develop and study situated data visualizations to address the limitations of traditional platforms of data analytics. In a situated data visualization, the data is directly visualized next to the physical space, object, or person it refers to. Situated data visualizations can surface information in the physical environment and allow viewers to interpret data in-context, monitor changes over time, make decisions, and act on the physical world in response to the insights gained. However, research on this topic remains scarce and limited in scope. We will build on our track record of successful collaborations to jointly develop situated visualization as a novel research direction.

Team Members

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Year 1

The objective for the first year is to design and implement situated visualizations to support health and aging. Work will begin by two Master's student. One French Master's student hired in Calgary and another hired in the Aviz team.

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