Tutorial 3 - Basic stats with R

In this tutorial you will learn to do basic descriptive and inferential statistics using the R package. This tutorial is independent from the other ones and does not involve the VAST dataset.

You should submit the completed assignment to us before 23:00 on Monday, October 6th (details below).

Getting Started

Install the R Package. You can find it here: http://cran.univ-paris1.fr/. It's free and available for Mac, Windows and Linux.


Download and uncompress stats-assignments.zip in a directory of your choice.


Open part1-intro.R with the R package and follow the instructions. The instructions are within the file. Most of the R code is already provided, but you will be also asked to fill holes. Do this directly in the file. Do not forget to save regularly, R sometimes crashes. Then once done, proceed to Part2, then Part3, then Part4. Part5 is optional.

Submitting the Assignment

WHAT - You should submit a single ZIP file called "YOUR_NAME-Assignment3.zip" via email. It should contain your entire stats assignment directory, in particular:

  1. The files part1-intro.R, part2-barcharts.R, part3-confidence.R, and part4-salesmen.R, modified by yourself, including your interpretations provided as code comments, when requested.
  2. Optionally, the file part5-optional.R.
  3. Optionally, a separate text file (e.g., txt, doc or rtf) called README with additional explanations that can help us grade your assignment.

Part4-salesmen.R will be given more weight in the grading. Assignments done correctly but without optional content will be graded 8/10.

WHERE - You should email the file to pierre.dragice@gmail.com with email title Stats Assignment

WHEN - Remember that Assignment 3 is due before "23:00 on Monday, October 6th.'''