Data Fairs

Our data fair brings together external collaborators (you) and our Interaction Master students. The goal is for the students to pick a data set and associated real-world analysis and visualization problem to work on for the remaining duration of the course (i.e. 7 weeks). Within that course, students are required to analyze the data set (basic analysis and plotting) as well as have to work on a visualization project that can focus on exploratory or explanatory issues with the data. Students will work in groups of 2-3 students.

Why should I participate?

You will have the chance to work with motivated and creative students as close as you wish and integrate them into your research. We hope that novel collaborations between you and the students and/or us emerge. Many students will choose a master theses topic in the summer. There might be a good chance to continue working with students in these months that follow.

How can I participate?

The commitment from your side will be:

  • to give a brief (5min) introduction into your research, data challenges you’re having with analysis and visualisation. Submit a data brief before Nov. 15th, 2018.
  • Be present on Thursday, 29th November 2018, 13:30am Bat 660, Digiteo Moulon, on the campus of Univerité Paris Sud (across from the new CentraleSupélec campus), pitch your data brief and stay for the 1-2h to meet and discuss with the students. We organize some speed-dating, then we’re having open discussions between you and the students.
  • Provide your data to students in an accessible format (e.g., CSV, SQL).
  • During the semester, you consult with the students as much as you want.
  • Final presentations will happen on January 17th. Students are required to deliver their code and an extensive data report with measures and visualizations. You are welcome to attend this event and give a subjective feedback for grading.
  • You can submit as many data challenges as you like and work with as many student groups as you want. After November 29th, we will sort the best fits, taking into account the learning goals of the course and skills required.

How do I write a Data Brief?

What happens after the data fair

We can’t promise everyone that their data will be used – it may be too complex or otherwise not suited to student analysis.

For selected datasets, students will:

  • spend one week exploring and potentially cleaning the data
  • create an analysis report using Tableau
  • generate sketches for project ideas
  • spend 4 weeks implementing and working on a data analysis project using your data

Some outputs might be:

  • An interactive web site
  • Interactive visualizations on a website
  • Data comics (
  • Infographic
  • Data video
  • A standard scientific presentation / report.

For questions, contact us.

Course Organizers

Petra Isenberg Anastasia Bezerianos