Visual Analytics 2020-2021

This course will introduce you to techniques and tools for analyzing and visualizing data. It emphasizes how to combine computation and visualization to perform effective analysis. The course consists of two parts: a series of lectures on analytics and a series of lectures on visualization. Both parts will include hands-on tutorials during which you will work on analysis problems and start to build your own tools.

Course Instructors

Location and Time

See the Schedule page above for details about the lectures topics and locations


  • Install Python and Streamlit
  • Join the Microsoft Teams Team.


This class will be taken by students from two different Master's programs. The DS students will be graded solely on the assignments in the first half of the course while the BDMA students will start a project that will be part of the grade. For them the grade will be split 50/50 between project and assignments.

Late Policy

For assignments I will deduct 10% for each day (including weekends) the assignment is late. If you do not hand in your assignments (project components) in class, you are responsible for getting them to my desk at the Digiteo Moulon building (Bat 660, Paris Sud)

Additional Resources

If you are interested in learning more R or Python, check out