Coding environments

For the assignments and the class project we will be using Processing. Have a look at the Processing Exhibition Page and processing.js Exhibition Page to see some excellent visualizations built with Processing.

Students will work individually for all the lab work, including the class project.

Assignment 1

The first assignment must be completed before the second lab work session (02/12/2015).

Please go here for instructions on Assignment 1.

Assignment 2

Please read this section entirely

The second assignment consists of two parts that should be both completed before the third lab work session (09/12/2015).

2.1 Making and sharing an interactive map

Please go here for instructions on how to make your map interactive.

Before the third lab work session ( deadline midnight next Tuesday ) you should:

  • Finish coding the interactions described above, up to Step 6.
  • Zip your folder containing your Processing project and upload it somewhere on the Web. On a separate Web page, include brief instructions on how to use your application, the possible interactions, and how you encoded the data. Expect all of this to take some extra time.
  • On this page you also HAVE to cite your sources. These include code you may have used from books or online examples.
  • Send an e-mail to with the title InfoVis Class Assignment and your name, and in the body 1) the URL pointing to the ZIP file containing your Processing project and 2) the URL of the Web page with instructions on how to use your application.
  • Fill in this form here

2.2 Project preparation

Before the third lab work session, students should also pick a dataset to visualize for the class project, decide on an initial visual representation they want to implement, and draw a quick sketch of this visual representation and possibly associated interactions. This sketch can be either hand-drawn on paper or made on a computer and printed on paper. The ideas and visual design do not need to be finalized and should not be too detailed.

Students will present their sketch during the 3rd lab work session for 1 minute and discuss their ideas and plans with the instructors and the other students for another 1 minute.

French maps made by students


You can reuse this content for your class if you acknowledge us (Petra Isenberg, Jean-Daniel Fekete, Pierre Dragicevic, Wesley Willett and Frédéric Vernier). For student projects and assignments, please acknowledge the student.