Revive 25 Years of Visualization Research in the VIS25 timeline!

(also check out the interactive citation visualizations: CiteVis2, CiteMatrix, and VISLists!)

As we celebrate the 25th year of the IEEE VIS Event at IEEE VIS 2014 in Paris, we'd like to reflect with you on the work our community is doing. However, rather than providing you with a fully-curated list of highlights, we invite you (the visualization community) to define the highlights. Which visualizations have been the most influential, the most creative, the best designed, the best applied, or just your favorite ones, etc. Number of citations are one measure of importance, but there are other aspects we might think about, especially for those visualizations you may never have the chance to cite!

On this website, you see an initial set of visualizations spanning all 25 years of the VIS events (Click on an image to obtain an enlarged version). Now, it's time for you to assist in growing the collection by submitting your favourite visualization(s), published at IEEE VIS (this includes: your own work, those that inspired your work, those you want to tell people about, etc...). And, encourage your favorits to submit their work!

But, don't be lazy! Time is running because once at the conference, we will have all these visualizations "in large and real" on a wall-sized timeline. That timeline is a game, a place to discover, it's a café and meeting point, an exposition, a living reflection on our community's work. In your confence bag, you will find tags that you can use to annotate and comment on the visualizations on the timeline.

  • Influential: Tag for visualizations that you think are, or will be influential to the community.
  • Design: Tag, if you think the visual design is well done and/or will influence future visualizations.
  • Creative: Tag, if you think an idea is creative and outstanding, the concept was a ''thinking outside the box'' (''thinking against the mainstream'')
  • Application: Tag, if you think, this project increased and/or will increase the awareness of the usefulness of visualization to application domains, and/or included new application domains into the visualisation community.
  • Favorite: There is no particular reason necessary why you might tag a visualization as your "favorite" - just to avoid calling it "like" we have called it "favorite".
At the conference, we will (hopefully) see the scores growing and people posting comments at the wall. But make wise choices, you have a limited number of tags from each category. Still at the conference, we invite you to bring your own print outs to IEEE VIS 2014 for us to include in the timeline.

We hope the VIS25-Timeline will grow with your participation and that you enjoy viewing the timeline exhibit at the conference. Perhaps you will discover new and hidden visualizations that you might not otherwise have noticed, get inspiration for your own work, get feedback on your own work, and - of course - meet people, share your observations and memories about some of the older visualizations, and share insights with new researchers about how it was to do visualization over the past 25 years.

Thanks to all those who have already contributed! Despite we took a lot of care, please, let us know in case you find any mistakes in the current presentation.

Add your visualization(s) here.

The VIS25 Team:

Theresa-Marie Rhyne
John Stasko
Hans Hagen
Benjamin Bach
Samuel Huron